Wedding organization in Occitanie & PACA region

``Marriage is the will of two to want to create the unique!``

Friedrich Nietzsche

Emy's Weddings is a wedding planner agency specializing in tailor-made wedding organization in the Occitan and PACA regions to meet your needs!

A wedding is an important event in the life of a couple, which takes a lot of time, attention and can create a lot of stress. My job is to support you in the realization and organization of your wedding plan, to understand your expectations so that this day remains unforgettable and that you can live it in happiness and serenity.

I have surrounded myself with a network of quality partners to best meet your desires and make this day a wedding in your image. During a first meeting, without obligation, I will present my various services to you in more detail and together we will define the most suitable for your project.

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For a succesful wedding

AMAZING DAY - Total organization

"An organization from A to Z for absolute serenity and an unforgettable wedding"

1st meeting to discover your wedding project

Regular monitoring and creation of a retro-planning

Support during service provider appointments at your convenience

Setting up a schedule for the day

Organization and coordination of your wedding

Management of the smooth running of the day

My presence on the day

My presence during brunch if you wish

D DAY - Partial organization

"A little help to organize your wedding"

Search for the location (3 to choose from)

Search for the main providers, organizational and logistical

follow-up with your providers

My presence on the day

A PERFECT DAY - D-day coordination

"Live your wedding day stress free" I'm here to take over on D-Day!

Welcoming guests

Managing the smooth running of the day

Managing unforeseen events

My presence on D-day (1 day)

Emy, your wedding planner

Hello dear bride and groom and welcome!

I’m Emy, I am 32 years old and I am from Paris. After 10 years  living in London, I decided to come and settle in this beautiful region of the south of France, to assist you in the preparation of your wedding. In my opinion, marriage has always been a unique and magical moment, which we want to remember all our lives. This is why I will do everything to make this day unique and magical.

A bit of my history ...

Since I was little I have always been passionate about the world of marriage, I constantly wanted to be a bridesmaid, wear a beautiful princess dress, throw the petals and hold the wedding dress. Full of imagination, I developed a passion for creating, drawing and organizing manual activities. I have always wanted perfection to please those around me.

My London career started as a professional makeup artist. Enhancing the face of the future bride, watching her discover herself, feeling her emotions and all her gratitude have made these special moments memorable memories. This first experience pushed me to improve myself in this area by helping future brides choose their dress.


It was after many discussions during fittings in the cabin that I realized what the bride and groom really needed to make their day perfect from start to finish. Turning my best professional experience into a profession then became obvious to me and I decided to combine all my skills to become a wedding planner.

I received excellent training from the Wedding Academy in Paris to acquire the knowledge and develop the skills necessary to make your wedding the best day of your life. I have surrounded myself with a network of quality partners to best meet your desires and make this day a wedding in your image. My job is to support you in the realization and organization of your wedding project until D-Day, in order to spare you all the constraints and the time necessary to make this day unforgettable.

See you soon,

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